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Our transportation solutions addresses your company’s logistic needs. Our national presence and expertise allows Top Tier Logistics LLC to deliver services to a wide range of industries.

About us

Top Tier Logistics LLC is a privately owned third party transportation and logistics company. We provide customized logistic solutions for local, regional and national companies. We deliver comprehensive transportation, distribution and value added services allowing our clients to transport their products to destinations within the United States.

Established in 2018, Top Tier Logistics LLC offers new and innovative solutions to address your company’s logistic needs. We are striving to be #1 amongst our peers and competitors in time efficiency, customer service and safety.

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Bio For Jonathan C. Johnson


Jonathan C. Johnson is a devoted husband and loving father. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his family and relaxing. He is associated with Level 44, Inc. as part of his trucking business and he has been working closely with them to assemble and enhance his business. He is currently the Manager/Owner of Top Tier Logistics, LLC. The main goal is to run an efficient business that will exceed expectations of better serving customers. Having over a decade of driving experience, he has driven for several key companies. With this experience came a vast amount of knowledge and skill pertaining to the trucking industry. His objective is to implement these strengths allowing for improvement in his own business ventures.